Seven Essential Features Of Dedicated Server Hosting

Operating system choices

One important factor to bear in mind when determining a dedicated hosting solution is the choice of operating system availed. There should be an ample amount and degree of freedom to choose from which operating system is suitable. For example, operating business will require different and particular types of OS such as Windows or Linux. So, ensure the provider you select provides you with the freedom to operate the necessary OS needed.

Server configuration

Another serious aspect of determining for is having utter and total control of server configuration. Determining an apt OS is not all that matters, as you will need absolute control over your server to configure it according to your specific needs and demands. For example, you may require a complete SSH/RDP root access.

Hardware choices

It is always a better option to determine an ideal hosting provider that provides all the needed hardware choices instead of dedicated servers. Moreover, dedicated servers are costly and can impact your budget. The favorable hardware choices must include over CPU model, size and type of RAM, hard disk type and capacity, RAID and bandwidth.

Control panel options

Control panels are essential as they help efficiently operate, navigate and manage servers and applications. Companies can without a doubt benefit from control panels such as cPanel for Linux and Plesk for both Windows and Linux as they provide easy navigation and offer a wide range of preloaded tools.


Often, many businesses have ended due to hacker attacks claiming a massive amount of data, leakage of critical files and legal action from clients. Such attacks can be avoided by adopting effective security measures. Consider all factors and security measures offered by your host. Ideal security measures include impenetrable firewalls, spam filter, latest malware, and antivirus software, individual IP addresses, SSL certificates, web security, and DDoS protection.

Server management

Server management is crucial to ensure optimum performance. However, outsourcing server management services such as operating system updates, software patches, server monitoring, etc. to your provider can help benefit costs in the long run and maintain optimum functionality.

High availability

It is essential that the provider offers a full time operating server. Why? Since most servers run critical programs and failure of this could mean a spell for disaster. Thus, making it all the more important to determine servers running all the time.


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