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A VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server that uses virtual software to partition the real servers to ‘virtual’ servers that will run on its own operating systems.

A web hosting company provides this, and the VPS acts as a virtual machine that can install software and has admin rights and more control than expected.

This virtual private server is no different from the ‘non-virtual’ server. The security of virtual and non-virtual servers is the same, and virtual servers are no more or less vulnerable to hackers.

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As of January 2018, DigitalOcean was one of the top hosting companies globally in terms of web servicing. The DigitalOcean combines the hosting in web and virtual servers, and the business saw interest from many groups of companies.

Is DigitalOcean a VPS provider?

Yes, of course. If you are a newbie to this virtual server hosting, then DigitalOcean would be a better choice. If you want to run any server, host a pile of files, or just run the machine, DigitalOcean will serve your purpose.

DigitalOcean Inc. is one of the cloud infrastructure providers who provide cloud services that can run on multiple machines simultaneously.

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The controls are straightforward to use for any person who wants to host using DigitalOcean. I have seen many hosting service providers, and I must agree that DigitalOcean has been the easiest and fastest among all the virtual service hosting providers.

Since 2013, the company saw a good number of increases in customers due to which the company expanded its centers in many parts of the world like Singapore, Canada, London, Bangalore.

Do you have droplets?

Droplets are not the water drops that you see during the early morning time. When you sign up with Digitalocean, you are not signing up for a single server; you can actually create more than one server using DigitalOcean services. You can configure as many servers as you wish, and the costs are based on the configuration you perform.

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These droplets are servers that you create after signing up. Moreover, these droplets can be deleted based on your needs.

Is navigation easy?

DigitalOcean offers very easy to use controls, and learning through this is very simple. This is targeted for first-time users and for those who want to experiment with VPS.

DigitalOcean offers the best and straightforward controls so that it is easy for fresh entry professionals. The commands are so understandable that many organizations have started using this service in many of their projects.

How about the cost?

The other VPS service providers charge you upfront for the service you request, and the usage is independent of cost. On the other hand, the DigitalOcean service providers let you create an account and set up the configuration. Based on the droplets usage, they charge you. This is especially helpful when you are practicing or getting used to how to control the virtual machine.

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In terms of cost, supposing you are away from home and won’t be using the service, you can disable the droplets from usage. Then you would not be billed for the non-usage period.

The offers have been increased, and the plan that delivered 512 GB memory and 1TB bandwidth for $5 per month has been changed to 1GB memory and 2TB bandwidth. The cost remains the same, but the offerings have been increased since March 2020.

There are many digital coupons that new account users can use for their benefit.

Does DigitalOcean have more plans to choose from?

Yes, of course. The DigitalOcean has segregated the plans as per the necessity and is available starting from 0.0007 per hour.

Even if you choose the cheapest plan, it would cost less than a coffee per order. Let us take an example, a plan that offers the below facilities,

· 1 GB of memory

· 30 GB SSD Disk

· 1 core processor

· 2TB transfer

The above are all offered for $0.015 per hour. Remember the pay as you go point that I mentioned earlier; implement that point now. How many hours or days are you going to work in a month? The plan can be changed for a per month basis also!

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If you will use it for more hours than 672 hours, that hours are free for you. The cheapest offer is $0.015 per hour, which would be around $5 per month. The entry-level VPS would charge more than DigitalOcean, which would not be as promising in easy controls.

As the New Year offerings, the service providers have increased their offer at the best price in the market.

Is storage secured?

In the technology world where anything and everything is possible with a click, securing the data and storing it safely plays a major challenge to all the service providers.

The DigitalOcean gives security like physical machines service providers. The storage can be increased by buying extra space for a minimal of $0.02 per GB.

The UI is simple, and most of the functions are drag and drop. The organization gives many more offers, and it is recommended to visit the company’s trusted site for more plan-related details.

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Extra offerings of DigitalOcean.

Some plans have a ‘one-click’ droplet that is handy with some configurations.

You can schedule the automatic backups regularly for an additional cost of around 20% of your droplet cost.

Droplets can be easily created at various locations. The creation is easy, and the cost is also feeble compared to the organization’s usage.

LINUX is the most preferred by many companies due to its flexibility and fastness. The DigitalOcean offers SSD along with droplets.

Availability of user manual and guides to learn to make the service effective is offered, which are of big help.

Payment options are the interesting point of DigitalOcean. This supports multiple payment options from VISA, MasterCard, or even digital payments like PayPal or Paytm.

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