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Dr. Aze Hosting is a name that is synonymous with quality web hosting services. With more than a decade in the business, we have managed to create a strong presence in the market.

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We also provide shared hosting option where the two or more than two can host the site.

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Our Cloud Hosting is considered to be one the best in the world with a dedicated team working round the clock.

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Our Cloud Hosting is considered to be one the best in the world with a dedicated team working round the clock.

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The service of Dr. Aze Hosting when it comes to web hosting is absolutely flawless. We clearly have the upper hand in this sector because of unparalleled knowledge in the field and dedication to the work.

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就是这样 因此我更推荐的做法是采用 SSH 端口转发来实现访问,因为 SSH 会自动加密和解密所有 SSH 客户端与服务 […]

Distinction Between Free And Paid WordPress Hosting

  1. Your very own area name –

Each site has a unique domain name which empowers individuals to discover it on the web. Sadly, with a free facilitating account, this isn’t 100% feasible. You’ll have the capacity to utilize your brand name someplace in the domain name, yet you’ll additionally need to incorporate the name of the hosting provider. On the off chance that you utilize a paid facilitating administration, be that as it may, you can have your very own area name without the unwanted hostname. The free hosting domain is considerably less expert than the paid facilitating space. This can significantly affect how clients see your image.

  1. Specialized help –

Most free facilitating suppliers will offer some specialized help, in any case, there is typically a 24 to 48-hour reaction time with these sorts of administrations, and you constrained to email regularly bolster through an outsider. Even though WordPress is the most usually utilized site building stage, a few out of every odd client bolster administration can offer direction around there. When you use a paid WordPress facilitating administration, you’ll be ensured that the web has the stage back to front and that they are accessible day in and day out, through telephone, online talk, and email, to help with any specific issues.

  1. Guaranteed uptime –

Another fundamental necessity for sites is that they remain on the web. You require a network have who will keep up their servers in a way that averts them separating and guarantees that any booked upkeep or programming overhauls happen as fast as would be prudent and during a period that is most drastically averse to influence your business. When you pay for facilitating, the host realizes you’ll have higher desires for their administration. Most paid to promote suppliers ensure uptime of 99.95% and upwards and this dimension of accessibility is incorporated into the agreement.

  1. Bandwidth and storage space –

At the beginning of the web, the most network has used to give clients a month to month bandwidth limit. If you went over that limit, for example, you had heaps of guests, and your site could never again be visited until the following charging period began. The primary option was to move up to an increasingly costly bundle. Nowadays, most paid hosts give great data transfer capacity, at the end of the day, there’s no restriction on the number of guests you can have.

  1. Vendor Lock-in –

Providing a free administration without a doubt draws in a ton of clients. Nonetheless, as the free aiding is restricted, individuals before long acknowledge they have to move up to get the administration their site needs. The issue for the clients is that many don’t realize how to run their site to an alternate host thus end up paying overinflated costs for an excellent record since it is less demanding to remain. This is known as a merchant secure.

  1. Additional extras –

Numerous things which come free with paid hosting/facilitating, for example, various email accounts, the capacity to have different sites and scope of notable security highlights, for example, interruption and contamination observing, usually are offered as extra, paid additional items, with free facilitating records. At the point when these are mulled over, the free facilitating can regularly work out more costly than paid facilitating.

Seven Essential Features Of Dedicated Server Hosting

Operating system choices

One important factor to bear in mind when determining a dedicated hosting solution is the choice of operating system availed. There should be an ample amount and degree of freedom to choose from which operating system is suitable. For example, operating business will require different and particular types of OS such as Windows or Linux. So, ensure the provider you select provides you with the freedom to operate the necessary OS needed.

Server configuration

Another serious aspect of determining for is having utter and total control of server configuration. Determining an apt OS is not all that matters, as you will need absolute control over your server to configure it according to your specific needs and demands. For example, you may require a complete SSH/RDP root access.

Hardware choices

It is always a better option to determine an ideal hosting provider that provides all the needed hardware choices instead of dedicated servers. Moreover, dedicated servers are costly and can impact your budget. The favorable hardware choices must include over CPU model, size and type of RAM, hard disk type and capacity, RAID and bandwidth.

Control panel options

Control panels are essential as they help efficiently operate, navigate and manage servers and applications. Companies can without a doubt benefit from control panels such as cPanel for Linux and Plesk for both Windows and Linux as they provide easy navigation and offer a wide range of preloaded tools.


Often, many businesses have ended due to hacker attacks claiming a massive amount of data, leakage of critical files and legal action from clients. Such attacks can be avoided by adopting effective security measures. Consider all factors and security measures offered by your host. Ideal security measures include impenetrable firewalls, spam filter, latest malware, and antivirus software, individual IP addresses, SSL certificates, web security, and DDoS protection.

Server management

Server management is crucial to ensure optimum performance. However, outsourcing server management services such as operating system updates, software patches, server monitoring, etc. to your provider can help benefit costs in the long run and maintain optimum functionality.

High availability

It is essential that the provider offers a full time operating server. Why? Since most servers run critical programs and failure of this could mean a spell for disaster. Thus, making it all the more important to determine servers running all the time.


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